the galactic center:  Jan. 2, 2019

There are NO more filters. The galactic central sun is now freely and fully transmitting light information in to the hue-man body and into the Gaia body. Each hue-man is now required to integrate this light according to their own wishes, intentions and their highest good. For some, this will push situations that are no longer serving, or have been troublesome, into the intolerable. If ignored or not acted upon, the physical body will create a crisis. This, then, can be viewed as that individual’s choice according to their highest good. For some, the upgrades and up-lift-ments designed to raise individual frequency levels will occur much more rapidly and may feel like a landscape that blurs with the swift motion of a moving train. The clickety-clack of the train tracks will now sound like one continuous sound due to the speed of the changing physical hue-man body in response to this light-stream. Or YES! A light waterfall! The more you can translate this physical shifting into a watery feeling or environment, the smoother your process will be.

WE also caution each being to be more diligent and mind-full of continuously maintaining a clear etheric field. At this time there are many specks or masses of shadow energies seeking a host. This is a temporary state of affairs and WE only wish to inform, not alarm. WE honor and salute you.

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