from Sirius:

many physical sensations and shifting, the most notable was that the back of my skull felt porous and soft and then my whole head was lifted off my neck, as if its weight is actually light-ened.
i saw my light body envelop the entire planet. i saw/sensed a web of lights, similar to looking down on a mountain town from high above at this time of year and seeing many, many pinpoints of light in the darkness. i saw Earth placed in a “light-space,” the word i was given for what i was seeing. what i saw was her body in a realm that is “safe harbor” for her. i heard, “a new planetary grid!!!” and i heard, “in this light-space, there is NO duality consciousness; we have left it behind.” with my entire being, i know this is where we as a planet and species have been pointed toward ALL ALONG.

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