the galactic center  8-3-2018


“WE watch the Earth beings continue to adjust and adapt to their new frequencies and WE offer this input – it is easier to adapt when one is grounded within one’s own physical vehicle. The human beings who experience the most difficulty are those who are not willing to ground WITHIN. WE spoke of this several months ago. While it is beneficial and important to experience the Gaia connection, at this time it is of utmost importance to ground within the body – for All changes, transformations, in-light-in-ings occur within the Body. Your body is what you created to assist you in your soul’s evolution – it cannot be ignored, dismissed or disconnected from. This grounding process is similar to an augur drilling into the soil. Visualize your heart as a ball of light with its own augur of lighted strands (anchors) that radiate out from your heart and act as grounders or drilling tools, drilling out from your heart into your body, deep into the atomic level and cellular consciousness and then back into your heart. If one chooses, one can be assisted by opening their crown chakra from WITHIN with a lighted augur-strand from the heart and imaging the light from the galactic central sun, Alcyon, pouring into the crown and through the chakra system. This will enhance the grounding process within the physical structure and create more ease within the your body. Without grounding inside the body, the human GPS system will not operate correctly, and humans will experience increasing distress and internal chaos, leading to the experience of more external chaos in one’s life experience. And it is the free will choice of all humans at this time to either create stability or chaos for themselves, for this comes from within the body and ONLY the body. WE salute you.”

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