a postcard:  July 30, 2018

maybe altered state (thru meditation) isn’t really altered! maybe it’s actually our “normal” and we’ve not been able to sustain it because our frequencies have been so manipulated and interfered with by the powers that were. as this new/ancient way of being expands inside me, and as the frequency of the planet herself is rising, the feelings of calm relaxation and empowerment increase. and i frequently feel “altered,” i.e. unable to hold onto thoughts, seeing other dimensional sights (lights, colors, energies, “bleedthroughs”), and most notably, the cessation of the low energy “buzz” that was with me my whole life that kept me in mild anxiety and out of true clarity and inspiration and alignment with Earth’s heart and body. today the knowing that every single millimeter of me is in alignment has come forward. i post these things because i believe i am not the only one experiencing this newness of Life and Love on our beloved Gaia……..


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