galactic center message  5-5-18

“WE are HERE. Our presence is closer in this NOW than ever before. WE are pouring, like spring water over creek rocks, all the Love and Light available from Alcyon’s center into YOU, beloved humanity, and into the Gaia body. She is swiftly (more swiftly than courses of horses! *GRIN*) moving and changing and balancing all these changes are according to HER decrees and commands and will continue until she has deemed her transformation complete. Just as you are in complete control of your inner transformation, so she is of hers. OLD foundations crumble. NEW foundations arise. Invite the new ground under your feet to adjust to your new frequencies and to Gaia’s wishes. Right under your feet where you stand is your powerpoint! In this way, you can assist in creating a smoother, more harmonious earth shift. She longs for your cooperation and assistance. It is SO MUCH EASIER than has been told to you. Intend, invite, allow. Your bodies are also longing for this connection and unity with her body. As One, you bring the JOY. Go out and PLAY, Beloveds!”

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