Merlin Message 5-3-18

today………..the master of magic and the being known as Merlin is very close and active. he is using the words “the alchemical marriage.” i understand these words to mean the union of Sophia (this planet/divine feminine) and Christos (divine masculine/source energy). alchemy transforms “lead,” the carbon-based human form, into “gold,” the crystalline or Light Body. those of us who function as anchors are assisting this transformation for the collective. density (lead) must be acknowledged in all its manifestations in order for the gold to emerge. this translates as events people label “tragedy,” or emerging, ancient sorrow, or rage outbursts, or earth movement/cleansing or sudden graduation from the planet. Merlin states if you feel a longing for Avalon or a connection to the arthurian legend(s), it is your time in this NOW to reconnect and bring forth your own magic. he will assist.

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