dragon realm message 4-24-18

“WE invite all to enter our earth-chamber, in your imagination, perhaps in physical form. WE have lovingly waited for this now-time to create an openness in humanity that will assist all the realms and all Be-ings to experience inter-connection and Oneness with each other and themselves. WE know of your efforts to help us reveal and WE are grateful. Our race was demonized and this brought tendrils of fear, that became bindings and blocks within person-mind, of our size, our power and our will. It is true WE do not “mess around.” WE are focused and diligent. WE are fully cognizant of our power and of the inner power of a Be-ing in human form, whereas you may still deny that power is yours to acknowledge and express to benefit your Self and All. WE, along with other non-human Be-ings, have assisted this earth home while she rode the waves of increasingly dense vibrations (in service to you, the human), all the way to the tipping point, where breath and light seemed a dim memory. Our home lies deep within her body and it is no coincidence that your experience of greater depths within your own body is igniting your memories and knowledge of our times together. Yes, there have been “dragon riders” and yes, many understood us as Full Consciousness in a different form from the human form yet sharing similarities in the eye structure. Ah! That surprises you! Search your inner wisdom to see if this is so. Our abilities to see physically and see with inner vision are almost identical. The only difference between our eyes is in the bones forming the sockets. WE (Dragon and Human) can access multi-dimensionality with both of these seeing-structures, along with using the eye to focus Light out from the body. WE remind you of your ability to use focus – now. WE await the great gateway opening, when humanity’s consciousness gently expands and deepens and there you shall rejoin all the realms of Light in all her beautiful, varied forms: dragon, fairy, sprite, mantis, and more whose names you will soon remember. Our wings are spread in anticipation. WE love all humans, dearly.” 4-24-18

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