the galactic center 3-9-18

It all gets created within the BODY.  Nothing (NO-thing) happens outside the Body.  Not wealth, health or physical reality.  The saying “as within, so without” is a literal one.  As you create more and more peace in Body, thus does the world IN-crease peace.  To experience the fullness of a Body in all its creative capacities and its Power (a V8 engine and more!) is the road immediately ahead.  How one chooses to perceive all physical shifting will determine one’s experience.  Many will look upon their upgrades with dismay because it will seem as if they are being “invaded,” and so they are!  By LOVE!  And many will experience the deep comfort of returning HOME because they know their Bodies are literally that – HOME.  We repeat – Shifting Ahead!  Enjoy The Ride!

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