The Galactic Center 2-18-18

Do not fret for those events you cannot undo.  They are even now dissolving into a past that’s moving farther and farther away from you.  What you transform, within the Self, is critical to the freedom of all hue-mans.  Those who have chosen to act in service in this way do so because they are experienced at this “job.”  You have shifted from apprentice to master in the blink of an eye and you now wield new mastery tools and skills with aplomb, even if you claim ignorance as to how these skill-saws operate.  These tools come to you very much like two magnets pulled to each other, connecting with such immediate impact they become undeniably linked.  Magnets do not come undone of their own accord, and neither will you “lose” your many new skills and abilities.  Continue to expect increasing velocity of the energetic shifts within your bodies and within the world that is now changing before your eyes.  The more you remain in full knowledge that shifts are simply re-arrangements into newer, fuller, more efficient configurations, the less internal turmoil you will experience.   WE salute you!  You have “stepped up” your game and your ability to play it!

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