the galactic center 2-10-18

WE gift you with a new energy that is uplifting and in-light-en-ing.  You may access this gift by going directly through your heart, as if your heart was the plug and the new energy, the outlet in the wall.  This gift is the wish of the feminine body WE are honored to “house” here.  Her love will feel softer and fuller than what you have felt before.  You may see it as a form of fluid light, pouring into your physical forms from a lighted pitcher, as welcome and refreshing as cool, clear, pure water on the hottest midsummer’s day.  Or you may not see anything but feel a slow, steady expansion of gentleness within your hearts.  Our communication may actually distract you in this process so WE will end here with our wishes for your great inner awakening to your SELVES.  WE salute you!

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