the galactic center 1-12-18


You have jumped through fiery hoops, blazed through thorny thickets and YES, leapt tall buildings with single bounds!  Truly you are superheroes – and we applaud your magnificence.  NO ONE ELSE could have achieved what you have achieved recently and during this current incarnation.  You may not be able to see the grandness of events and your transmuting of their effects at this time, but we promise you WILL and you will enter into a state of BLISS previously unknown to you.  The perspective of a galactic, multi-dimensional Be-ing compared to a hu-man being is akin to the difference between the view of an ant and the view of an eagle.  Can you appreciate both?  Your ant-eye has been seeing the minutiae of your lives and this microscopic focus has been essential in order for you to dig down deeply into all the roots of all the seeds of all the falsehoods and enchantments you came to transform, freeing yourselves.   And NOW,  this glorious NOW,  is lifting you and stabilizing you while you soar with eagle-eye (is this not a keen perspective as well?) and view the whole as ITSELF and not fragmented as you previously insisted on seeing it.  Yes, the illusion has been persistent and insistent, in perfect accordance with your will and your purposes.   Like the eagle, you are free and YOU created this and we applaud your bravery and your devotion.  Come on in!  The air is fine!  (laughter)  Your wings are in place and you are cleared for takeoff – we find all this oh so amusing because your word pictures foreshadowed this time yet you hid these truths, these word creations from yourselves while you prepared yourselves for flight.  You needed to experience the ant existence and feeling “veiled” in the dirt.  It has been perfection itself and the catalyst for soaring.  None other would have served as well.   Off you go into the WILD BLUE YONDER!  (Liz:  earlier in meditation, the hue of a pale but not washed out blue came in, the blue of a tumbled, polished aquamarine).


the galactic center 1-7-18

Knowing in the with-in creates value, power, glory.  You did not come only to show the way.   Your intent and purpose are also inextricably bound to the desire to experience your own essence as IT WAS CREATED – not as an abstract concept but as a literal formation/creation – this is a gateway for you and one you put into place eons ago.  The continuing spirals always (all-ways) lead you more deeply and perhaps more purely – ALL is with-in; none is with-out – this knowing is true power and creation in JOY.  The moment is yours, claim it!  (Liz:  this is all very esoteric and I’m getting it but can you spell this out a little more concretely?)  Look at a slinky!  It is all one continuous wire circling itself!  So it is with your experience as a hu-man marrying spiritual with physical.  Even a stationary slinky is constantly moving and cycling – THAT IS ITS NATURE – and so it is with you.  As a circle, you are infinite.

(**with appreciation to Liz G. for creating a miniature torus field from a pink, plastic Slinky)

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